The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Policies Analysis Unit

Policies Analysis Unit



  • Analyzing the national scientific and technological policies and the resulting strategies, plans, and programs.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the implications of governmental policies and decisions to achieve development goals.



  • To evaluate and analyze the national scientific and technological policies.
  • To study the agreements and memorandums of understanding of international scientific and technological cooperation and making recommendations thereon.
  • To follow up and analyze the scientific, technological, and economic studies and reports issued by national, regional, and international institutions and organizations and their implications for Jordan.
  • To study and analyze various scientific, technological, and economic laws and regulations and any possible amendments thereto.
  • To participate in the preparation of the development plans and programs and various national strategies.
  • To follow up on all the decisions issued by the government and its institutions, and study and analyze them, and provide the government with scientific advice on them.


Why  policy analysis?

Policy analysis assists the government in the following areas:

  • Study and analyze policies, plans, programs and governmental decisions, and determine their nature and identify their different dimensions and perspectives.
  • Control the effective implementation of government policies, programsو and plans, and a means to change them.
  • Provide scientific advice to the Government and identify alternatives and appropriate options for the formulation of new policies or modification of existing policies.
  • Study and analyze decisions issued by the government and its institutions and provide scientific advice thereon.


For more information, please contact Dr. Mahmoud AL-Refai  / Head of Policies Analysis Unit.



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