The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Department of Policies and Scientific Projects Management

Department of Policies and Scientific Projects Management

In realization of the main objective for which the Higher Council for Science and Technology was established, namely, building a national science and technology base supporting the economic, social and cultural development of Jordan, the Department of Policies and Scientific Projects Management (DPSPM) was established to help achieve this objective. With its two sections; namely, Policies and Strategic Planning (PSP) section and Management of Scientific Projects (MSP) section, DPSPM offers financial support to research and development projects on an annual basis, as well as through national R&D plans. Management of these projects is one of the main responsibilities ,among others, of DPSPM at the General Secretariat of HCST. Major responsibilities of DPSPM are demonstrated in the following paragraphs.

Call for and Evaluation of R&D Proposals


- DPSPM calls for R&D proposals, from Jordanian S&T community institutions, in accordance with national research and development priorities set by HCST in cooperation with all concerned parties.
- Evaluation of proposals is carried out by DPSPM through a process of well-established principles regarding quality, transparency, equality of treatment, impartiality, efficiency, speed and ethical consideration.
- Eligible proposals are further evaluated by DPSPM, assisted by technical committees of independent experts chosen and formed by DPSPM. Evaluation is carried out against a set of criteria and within available budget, upon which projects to be funded are selected.

R&D Projects Management


- DPSPM monitors the progress of funded R&D projects, and ensures their compliance with the set conditions. This is done through evaluation and approval of periodic progress reports and final technical reports submitted by principal investigators.
- Reflecting the novel nature of HCST funded R&D projects, DPSPM envisages a reinforced monitoring scheme involving high-level independent experts to evaluate final technical reports.
- Installments to participating institutions are recommended by DPSPM according to the above procedures, to be made by HCST.
- Specialized workshops are convened by DPSPM to discuss research results of projects before publication of final technical reports and their distribution to all national institutions concerned.

DPSPM following up registration procedures of patents resulting from R&D projects, and relevant commercialization is carried out by DPSPM in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Unit at HCST.


  • R&D Projects Database: Setting and developing national database of R&D projects, Jordanian researchers and advanced research equipment available at national scientific and technological institutions.
  • Scientific & Technological Surveys: Conducting scientific and technological surveys on the national level in cooperation with all related parties.
  • Studies on the Impact of R&D Projects: Conducting studies aimed at identifying impact of R&D projects on different developmental sectors in Jordan.
  • Scientific & Technological Studies:Proposing, carrying out and following up studies of interest in different scientific fields in cooperation with all relevant bodies.
  • National Policy of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI): Contributing to revising and updating of the national policy of Science, Technology and Innovation and evolved priorities in cooperation with all concerned parties.


Director of the Department of Policies and Scientific Projects Management




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