The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Support to Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Jordan Project – Second Phase (SRTD II)

The second phase of the SRTD project in Jordan is a continuation of SRTD I, aiming at increasing the research and technological development and innovation contribution in the economic growth and creating new job opportunities in Jordan.


The specific objective of the program is to continue supporting and developing applied scientific research with a focus on the commercialization of research results and the development of their use in the private sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to the integration of Jordan into the European research development market.


The overall budget allocated for the three - year programme is Euro 5,300,000, with a contribution of Euro 5,000,000 from the European Union and Euro 300,000 contributed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through the Higher Council for Science and Technology.

SRTD II has adopted an objective methodology in presenting results and achieving objectives, through focusing on four research fields; namely, water, energy, food and health, which lay within the national research priorities.  The SRTD II Project Implementation Office (PIO) launched two calls for proposals under a grant scheme emphasizing the four key areas. Applicants were invited to submit proposals in the field of applied research and/or commercialization. The maximum value of the EU contribution was Euro 25,000 for each project.


During the call for proposals, info sessions days were delivered by the PIO team in various locations around the country; public and private universities and many national institutions and research centers, in order to introduce the activities of the project and how to benefit from these grants. Following the evaluation of the proposals received, a number of 62 grants were awarded.


Furthermore, in support of the Technology Transfer Units (TTUs), which were established during the first phase of the SRTD program, the PIO has been holding a series of workshops to support the technology transfer offices (TTOs) and increase their ability to operate more effectively within their units and provide better support to their institutions.


Moreover, SRTDII had introduced the European Union Program - Horizon 2020 (2014-2020), which is the largest program of research and innovation funded by the EU with an allocated budget up to Euro 80 billion.  Major training events have been launched through SRTD II to equip potential Jordanian participants to H2020 with better application skills and more focus on delivering their proposals.  Experts from research centers and universities within Europe have delivered these courses and will continue to deliver further training throughout the course of the project.


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