The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Announcement of 6 Million Euros Projects on Renewable Energy

Nine projects received a grant of six million euros allocated by the EU for the renewable energy sector, titled (the Impact of Renewable Energy Projects), which is an important part of the renewable energy and energy efficiency.The award was granted to the Higher Council for science and technology, Princess Alia Institution, the Millennium, the Pioneers of the Future to Enable Communities, Sahara Forest Project, the German-Jordanian University, Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC), The Islamic Charity Association Center.Models of renewable energy and its efficiency will be applied in various locations including; government buildings and institutions, schools, hospitals, houses of worship, host refugees communities, water &energy sector, food security, converting waste to gas, in addition to energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy applications.Late 2014, the European Union, which gives special attention to energy, announced this program through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to  prove the economic and technical feasibility of renewable energy projects  and energy efficiency in order to improve energy performance, and  production costs, and to stimulate the development of entrepreneurs sustainable solutions.The total value of said project is € 6 million.  EU will fund 80-90% of total value per project, which will vary between € 200,000 – € 750,000 per project, the   remaining value  will be covered by the beneficiary of the grant, as a type of participation and commitment to the implementation of the project.

27 / 07 / 2016
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